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Help Support 16-year-old Future Aleppo creator Mohammed Qutaish & His Family


In 2016, the seven members of the Qutaish family were forced to leave their home, belongings, and life behind in Aleppo due to the life-threatening Syrian Civil War.

The family is currently living in Turkey, where they're trying to keep up with their education and eventually relocate to Europe, Canada, or America.

Finding work in Turkey is nearly impossible for Syrian refugees and it can take years to legally relocate and begin a new life.

At the same time, Mohammed, who hopes to attend architecture school, has created a valuable cultural contribution that has inspired hope and resilience.

If you wish to provide financial support to the family to help them in this time of need, you can make a contribution below. When you press the button you will be redirected to Fractured Atlas' Mmuseumm page, where you can make a secure donation.

Mohammed and his three brothers and one sister and mom and dad are courageous, talented, intelligent, funny and kind. Learn more about his project Future Aleppo below.


Any amount is greatly appreciated.

Thank you.

Additional Help

If you are interested in learning more about ways to help the Qutaish family, send an email and we are happy to discuss.

About the Fundraising

Money is being raised through Mmuseumm and its fiscal sponsor, Fractured Atlas.

Future Aleppo by Mohammed Qutaish

A powerful work currently traveling around the world as a museum exhibition.


Mmuseumm New York City, 2016

The Skirball Cultural Center Los Angeles, California 2017

The Victoria & Albert London, England 2018


"Wondrous" - The New Yorker

Aleppo Rebuilt, With Cardboard and Colored Pencil, The New York Times

14-year-old Syrian Refugee who Built the Aleppo of his Dreams, Vice Magazine

Future Aleppo, News Channel 4