Mmuseumm is a style of storytelling about the modern world. 

It is Object Journalism.

It is a new type of museum, expanding in a network of expected and unexpected locations, dedicated to exploring modern humanity and current events through revealing objects from around the world.

An institution for looking and thinking by What Studio?

Currently on view


Two doors up from Mmuseumm 1 is the Mmuseumm Rest Stop


Visitors to Mmuseumm Alley can now enjoy a hot espresso, a refreshing ice-pop or a bag of chips as well as Mmuseumm Bbookks, souvenirs, pencils, 3D postcards, practical jokes, everyday items for daily and non-daily use, limited-edition Mmuseumm collectables and guest curators. All proceeds from the Mmuseumm Rest stop support Mmuseumm.