My Aleppo (previously Future Aleppo) by Mohammed Qutaish

My Aleppo (previously Future Aleppo) by Mohammed Qutaish

My name is Mohammed Qutaish. I am 14 years old. This is my city of Aleppo.

I began building my model after I experienced my city being destroyed by air strikes and missiles. My sorrow, caused by this destruction, has inspired me immensely.

Sometimes I feel very frightened. Sometimes I cannot think or work.

Optimism gives me the power and determination to finish the works I have started.

Every complex I design has a garden.

They destroy. We rebuild.
I am building the Syria of tomorrow.
When I grow up I hope to be an architect.
I hope that one day these paper buildings will become real buildings.

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ArkDes, Stokholm

The Victoria and Albert Museum, London

The Skirball Center, LA

Mmuseumm 2, NYC

Sara Berman’s Closet

Sara Berman’s Closet

This closet, with Sara's underthings, linens, clothes, shoes, and objects all lined up with militaristic precision and loving care, represents the unending search, from the monumental to the mundane, for order, beauty, and meaning. How mistakes are made. How meaning is found. How we have the courage to go on.

Artists: Maira Kalman & Alex Kalman

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Public outdoor monument to Freedom and Independence outside the
National Museum of American Jewish History, Independence Mall, Philadelphia


Skirball Center, Los Angeles

The Metropolitan Museum of Art, NYC

Mmuseumm 2, NYC

Mmuseumm Visible Storage

Mmuseumm Visible Storage

On view:
The Color Factory
August 2018 – August 2019
TriBeCa, NYC

Nine exhibitions made up of 100 objects from Mmuseumm’s collection are on view at The Color Factory in New York City.