"Curatorial genius."


One of the reasons to love New York

Top 12 International Hidden Art Gems

"My dream of the way I would
like people to think about design."

Paola Antonelli

Blow your mind it will.


"Like a late night discussion of Proust over cans of Schlitz."

"It's a future thing."

"Mmuseumm continues to defy categorization as either a recognized cultural institution or a nonconformist outsider art project. In effect, it's both."

"Poetically composed micro installations of prosaic objects."

Screen Shot 2017-07-10 at 1.03.41 PM.png

"[Mmuseumm exhibitions] both deepen and complicate the current moment. They certainly don't tell us what to think. But they absolutely tell us that thinking is what we should do."

Words go no distance in describing the feeling of standing inside Mmuseumm, held in its grip. The warmth and intimacy of being enfolded in the dreams and visions of its human creators makes the experience like no other museum you’ve ever visited.