Now is always weird. Now must have been weird for the Neanderthals. Now was certainly weird during the Middle Ages. And now is definitely weird right now.

Mmuseumm is a style of storytelling about the modern world. It is a contemporary natural history museum. It is a design museum about people. It is Object Journalism.

Mmuseumm is dedicated to exploring modern humanity and current events through objects from around the world.


Two doors up from Mmuseumm 1 is the Mmuseumm Rest Stop


Visitors to Mmuseumm Alley can now enjoy a hot espresso, a refreshing ice-pop or a bag of chips as well as Mmuseumm Bbookks, souvenirs, pencils, 3D postcards, practical jokes, everyday items for daily and non-daily use, limited-edition Mmuseumm collectables and guest curators. All proceeds from the Mmuseumm Rest stop support Mmuseumm.